VIDEO: Moment Singer ADELE shared tears on stage when her former English teacher appeared on stage……

ADELE broke down in tears when her former English teacher made a special appearance during her An Audience With performance on ITV.

Adele gifted ITV viewers with a special homecoming performance on An Audience With on Sunday night. During the concert, the songstress was asked questions by her star-studded audience. However, when Emma Thompson announced Adele’s inspirational school teacher was in the audience, she burst into tears. 

During the performance, actress Emma asked Adele if there was anyone she used to look up to, who kept her going through difficult times.

She started to recall a story about one of her old teachers called Miss McDonald, referring to her as “cool” and inspirational.

Adele said: “She used to have all these gold bracelets on and gold, like, sequins. 

“[She was] so relatable and likeable that I really looked forward to my English lessons.”

Adele then looked stunned as Emma announced Miss McDonald was there in the audience.

The pop sensation could not control her tears as her teacher walked out on stage with her children.

Miss McDonald said: “You’re amazing darling, I am so proud of you.”

Adele, who continued to blub, said: “Oh you look exactly the same.”

Watch video below

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