Israeli ‘air aggression’ in central Syria killed two civilians and injured seven other people, mostly soldiers, state news agency SANA reports.

Israeli air raids on Syria’s central region killed two civilians and wounded seven other people, official media reported on Wednesday.

Syrian air defences attempted to intercept the attack above the city of Homs. “An Israeli air aggression targeted parts of the central region, and the air defences are responding,” state-run news agency SANA said.

Two civilians were killed while another sustained serious injury, SANA reported, adding six Syrian soldiers were also injured in the attack.

An unnamed military official was quoted as saying the warplanes fired missiles at 1:26am (23:26 GMT) while flying over the airspace of neighbouring Lebanon.

Israel, which has carried out hundreds of attacks in the past several years on Syria, did not immediately comment on the report. It rarely acknowledges or discusses such operations.

The latest raid came amid an increase in reported attacks by Israel on Syria in recent weeks.

Last week, Syria said Israel carried out an attack south of the capital, Damascus. The attack came from the occupied Golan Heights and hit an empty facility, without causing any casualties.


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