Amazon SLOWLY comes back online after seven-hour global outage ….

Amazon and all of its services are slowly coming back online after crashing across the globe for seven hours, which left delivery trucks sitting idle with drivers unable to access their routes and knocking out popular websites and banking apps that rely on the company’s cloud servers and affecting thousands of customers. 

The platform, Amazon Music and Prime video, Alexa, Ring and Amazon Web Services, which offers a series of services for online applications, all started experiencing problems at 10:40AM ET.

Some companies that use Amazon Web Services, like Canvas and Paramount+, found services was restored around 5pm ET, but many sites are still down from the crash. 

Three delivery service partners said at 2pm ET that an Amazon app used to communicate with delivery drivers and track packages is down. This left vans that were supposed to deliver parcels sitting idle with no communication from the company, according to Bloomberg. It’s not clear how many drivers the outage has affected.

Despite the crippling outages affecting Amazon’s businesses, the company’s stock closed 2.8 percent higher on Tuesday afternoon.  

Warehouse workers reported that entire Amazon facilities have been temporarily shuttered because of the outages and posted photos on Reddit showing what appear to be automated shelves sitting motionless, according to The Verge.  

Amazon employees have reported system outages from coast to coast, including in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, Illinois, Texas, Georgia, Kansas, Indiana, Michigan, Arizona and other states.  

The owners of two Amazon delivery companies in Minnesota and Florida confirmed to Vice’s Motherboard that their drivers have been unable to log into the Flex app, which they use to scan packages and obtain delivery routes. 

‘AWS servers are down, and only about 50 per cent of my people can deliver. Most cannot log in,’ one owner said, warning that the outages would cause major delivery delays.   

With plenty of time to spare, hundreds of Amazon workers have taken to Facebook and Reddit to boast that they have been standing by and doing nothing for hours because of the ongoing system disruptions.

Some have been instructed to wait in break rooms for the service to resume.  

‘We’ve just been chillin on the clock for almost 2 hours cause the network has been down lmaooo. Guess somebody didn’t like the fact Amazon is making us work Christmas/Christmas eve,’ one worker posted on the FASCAmazon subreddit.  

Another noted: ‘I’m loving just sitting here on my phone. They can only tell us to make sure our area is clean so many times.’ 

Amazon has not responded to’s repeated requests for comment. 

Amazon sellers also reported they were unable to log into Seller Central, an internal website used to manage customer orders, according to CNBC. 

The outage comes during the company’s critical holiday shopping season and could potentially create lasting log-jams CONTINUE READING

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