Germany: Two police officers shot dead during traffic stop…..

Two police officers were shot dead in western Germany during a routine traffic stop overnight. Those responsible are said to have fled the scene, police were unsure where.

Two police officers from the Kusel police district in western Germany were shot dead during a routine traffic stop in the early hours of Monday morning.

A 29-year-old policeman and a 24-year-old policewoman were killed.

Police were looking for clues at the scene and had almost no leads early on Monday.

The shooting occurred on a rural road, the Kreisstrasse 22, at around 4:20 a.m. The road was closed entirely afterwards.

“Police are seeking the fleeing perpetrators intensively and are securing clues at the crime scene,” police said in a statement. “A description of the perpetrator or the vehicle they are using is not available. The direction they fled is not known.” 

“At least one of the perpetrators is armed,” the statement from the local Westpfalz police headquarters said.

One of Germany’s major police unions, the GdP, said it was “deeply shocked by the violent deaths of our colleagues.”

“Our thoughts are with the relatives of those killed and also with our colleagues. We are currently living every officer’s nightmare for real,” Rhineland Palatinate state chairwoman of the union Sabine Kunz said in a statement. “Hopefully the perpetrator or perpetrators can be apprehended quickly, so that potential danger to the wider population is averted.” Read More

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