Tyson Fury has an unbeaten record but one punch that cut open his eye nearly ended it – and it wasn’t from Deontay Wilder…..

Tyson Fury is the king of the heavyweight division right now, sitting on top as boxing’s WBC champion with an unbeaten record.

He has enjoyed three bruising encounters with Deontay Wilder where h was wobbled on a few occasions. However, one could argue the closest he came to losing his pristine 31-1-0 record came against Otto Wallin, not the hard hitting Wilder.

The Gypsy King is just waiting for confirmation of his fight with Dillian Whyte set to take place in April and 2022 could see him retain his title and move on to an undisputed title fight if all goes according to plan.

But, boxing doesn’t always go to the script and 2019 proves that.

Wallin was a heavy underdog heading into the fight, but after he opened up a cut above Fury’s right eye in the third round, it was a totally different ball game.

After Wallin worked the body with a left hook, he immediately went upstairs and landed a crushing hook over the top of Fury’s eye.

Fury receive needed 47 stitches to sew up his damaged eye having taken 127 punches on the night. Fights have certainly been stopped for less.

To say those numbers are impressive would be an understatement, especially considering CompuBox recorded that Wladimir Klitschko landed just 52 hits in their 2015 bout, and Deontay Wilder produced 105 punches in their first two fights combined.

Fury ended up securing a 116–112, 117–111, and 118–110 victory, but the huge target above his eye gave Wallin something to attack and made for an uncomfortable night’s work for him.

His cutman on that night was Jorge Capetillo and the Mexican earned every bit of his pay during the rounds of that fight.

Fury is well aware of how much he owes Capetillo for keeping him in the game and he is still taking care of him now.

“He is still very grateful,” Capetillo told Sky Sports.

“When he knew we were locked down because of Covid-19 and my gym was closed, he texted me and said: ‘Is there anything I can do to help?’

“He is still taking care of me. He sent me money.

“Such generosity for me and my family.

“He is a great man, so humble. He had the time to ask how I was doing with my family during this crisis.”

Wallin felt the fight should have been stopped for such a severe cut. If it had been, Wallin would have most likely took the victory and who knows how Fury’s path would have looked today.

However, ultimately, the Swede knows he should have forced the referee to make the decision. Read More

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